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A Film By John Cafiero

"Big Money Hustla$" is a 70's exploitation-esque comedy, starring rap duo Insane Clown Posse, (Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope).
The film is the feature length directorial debut of New York filmmaker John Cafiero.

Violent J portrays New York's heinous, notorious crime lord "Big Baby Sweets", who together with sidekick thugs "Big Stank" (Jamie Madrox of horror-rap duo "Twiztid") and "Lil Poot" (Monoxide Child of "Twiztid") sends New York city a message wicked clown style, taking out "any mutha-f*@ka who f#@ks with their mutha-f*@kin' money!". Desperate for help, New York City's donut seducing, police "Chief" (portrayed by Jerky Boys' Johnny Brennan, who personifies his classic "Frank Rizzo" character embodied in full prosthetic make-up) seeks the help of San Francisco's Super Cop "Sugar Bear". "Sugar Bear" played by ICP's Shaggy 2 Dope stars as the super-smooth, rhyming, Dolemite worshiping cop stuck in the 70's. Both J and 2 Dope appear in their trademark "wicked clown" make-up although no references are made to it in the film.

"Big Money Hustla$" co-stars legendary WWF professional wrestler ("Mankind", "Cactus Jack" and "Dude Love") and NY Times best selling author Mick Foley! Mrs. Foley's baby boy parodies all three of his WWF personas embodied as the indestructible, secret weapon super-villian "Cactus Sac". Foley's "Mr. Socko" also makes his feature film debut as "Mr. Sacko". Blaxploitation legend and "Godfather of Rap" Rudy Ray Moore also appears, reprising his cult classic role as "Dolemite". Dolemite appears as a ghostly apparition in the film, as a a mentor to "Sugar Bear", schooling him on the fine art of being a bad, bad mutha fu@*ka. Can you dig it?

Special guest star, actor, comedian and author Harland Williams,("Rocketman", "Half Baked", "Something about Mary", "Superstar" and "The Whole Nine Yards"), portrays off-beat, bumbling, rookie cop "Officer Harry Cox" who makes Mayberry's Barney Fife look like Charles Bronson.

The eclectic cast includes many noteworthy cameos including legendary horror punk rockers, "The Misfits" (as themselves) and cult TV personality and vaudeville comedian "Uncle Floyd". Jerky Boy, "Kamal" appears in full prosthetic make-up as the classic Jerky Boys character, cantankerous 80 year old "Kissel". Fred "Rerun" Berry (from the classic 70'S TV sitcom "What's Happening!") appears as "Bootleg Greg", a member of Big Baby Sweet's crime syndicate.

Shot entirely in New York, (Harlem, Brooklyn, and midtown Manhattan), the clownsploitation film is a homage and celebration of exploitation films of the 70's. NY native, director Cafiero delivers a live action, cartoon "culture clash" comprised of unique personalities guaranteed to make you bust out with laughter or bust yo mutha f*@kin' leg storming for the door!

Running time: 97 min.
Shot on 35mm (color)
Production Company: Non-Homogenized Productions Ltd.

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